Repro Range for cows

Management of calving, start and end of lactation is strategic to achieve sustainable milk production performances and good reproduction of the herd. Repro range offers a wide range of solutions during the period around calving, available in different forms and duration of administrations.

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Categories :
  • Vitality at Calving

Viva Cal

Viva Cal is a bolus aimed at milk fever issues. It supplies calcium and other synergistic stimulants involved in calcium management at calving.

25kg bag of Raizup feed
  • Dry Period

Recap Min

Recap Min is a mineral feed dedicated to dry cows to prepare calving and a good start of lactation.

  • Vitality at Calving

Viva Drench

Viva Drench is a water-soluble powder encouraging dairy cow recovery immediately after calving. It helps prevent metabolic disorders and encourages appetite.

  • Dry Period

Stop Lactin

Stop Lactin aids cows when they are dried off. It is formulated to prevent milk production, to prevent udder inflammation and to optimize the start of the next reproductive cycle.

  • Vitality at Calving

Viva NRJ Flash

Viva NRJ Flash is a liquid supplement highly concentrated in glucose precursors and hepatoprotectors to boost start of lactation and to prevent ketosis.

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