Repro Range for cows

Management of calving, start and end of lactation is strategic to achieve sustainable milk production performances and good reproduction of the herd. Repro range offers a wide range of solutions during the period around calving, available in different forms and duration of administrations.

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Viva Expel Bol box
  • Start of Lactation

Viva Expel Bol

Viva Expel Bol is a bolus that makes placenta expulsion easier and supports uterine involution. Effective for 3 weeks, it contributes to the quality of the uterus.

FertiFlash Bolus box
  • End of pregnancy and mating
  • mating

FertiFlash Bolus

FertiFlash Bolus is a convenient booster of fertility for the cow. It helps to prepare estrus and to improve the fertilization rate.

  • Vitality at Calving

Viva Drench

Viva Drench is a water-soluble powder encouraging dairy cow recovery immediately after calving. It helps prevent metabolic disorders and encourages appetite.

  • Dry Period

Stop Lactin

Stop Lactin aids cows when they are dried off. It is formulated to prevent milk production, to prevent udder inflammation and to optimize the start of the next reproductive cycle.

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