FertiFlash Bolus

Fertility booster

Innovative and efficient mineral dietetic complement in a bolus form that prepares estrus and reproduction.

Thanks to its quick release technology, FertiFlash Bolus is effective immediately after administration.

FertiFlash Bolus is a synergistic blend of botanicals, vitamins and amino acids.


  • In case of failures of fertilization
  • to maximize succeed of artificial insemination with sexed semen.
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FertiFlash Bolus box
Opened box of FertiFlash Bolus
FertiFlash Bolus box
Opened box of FertiFlash Bolus


  • Bolus of 70 grams individually packed

  • Cardboard box of 12 boluses

Shelf life

18 months in original packaging

Directions for use

Administration mode
Direct oral application

Administer one bolus per cows at AI or mating time.

Calf drinking HydraBoost Tab

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