Oan Baby

To prevent digestive disorders in young lambs

User-friendly mineral feed to ensure a better start and to make milk digestion safer.

Free access of Oan Baby reinforces newborn small ruminants in the first weeks of life. No preparations is required thanks to its high palatability. Highly concentrated in sugar and milk flavors.

Contains clay and plant extracts to keep water in the digestive tract. Enriched with Manan Oligo-saccharides to support digestive safety and antioxidants to boost immunity.


  • Free access from the first day of life up to 3 weeks
  • At weaning
  • During feed transition for 10 days
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  • Palatable powder
  • Bags of 15 kg

Shelf life

18 months in original packaging.

Directions for use

Administration mode

To be administered ad libitum to newborn calves, kids and lambs as soon as possible throughout the period when they are facing health challenges. Current dose per animal:

  • Kids, lambs: 20 g/animal/day
  • Calves: 50 to 80 g/animal/day
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