Oan Repro

To boost fertility of ewes and also vitality at lambing

A nutritional complement to be used during preparation for mating and at the end of pregnancy.

Administration and consumption are eased as it is highly palatable and supplied in small pellet form.

Provides rumino-protected vitamins and trace-elements in organic form. Enriched with beta carotene, vitamin C and plant extracts.


  • During preparation for mating in order to boost fertility and prolificacy
  • At the end of pregnancy for colostrum quality and vitality of newborn lambs
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  • Small pellets
  • Buckets of 15 kg

Shelf life

12 months in original packaging.

Directions for use

Administration mode
To add on the top of the feed

To be administered from the last part of pregnancy until the confirmation of the following gestation:

  • Ewe: 20 g/animal/day for 5 days. During the mating period: 20 g/ day for 15 days maximum
  • Goat: 20 g/animal/day for 5 days

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