Sow Cool

Support of pigs in case of heat stress

Sow Cool is a complementary feed designed to combat the adverse effects of heat waves. It improves sow welfare and feed intake during hot seasons. Sow Cool supports the liver functions and enhances digestive efficiency. Made of hepatoprotectors and antioxidants, Sow Cool limits the impact of the high amounts of free radicals, hepatic and kidney overloads or lack of appetite.


  • Hot seasons

  • End of gestation

  • Start of lactation

  • THI* >72 (Temperature Humidity Index)

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Bucket of 10 kg

Bags of 25 kg

Shelf life

2 years in original packaging

Directions for use

Administration mode
To add on the top of the feed

Sow Cool has to be administered directly in the feeders, mixed with the feed at 50g/sow/d.

To add Sow Cool from the last week of gestation up to one or two weeks after farrowing.

Sow Cool can also be mixed directly in the feed before serving.



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