Designed and manufactured in France

All our products are made in factories that are dedicated to feed or complementary feed.

All our production sites are located in France.

Specialized production sites

Each site is producing a specific range of products. Specificity could be on the form or on the species (specific ingredients).

Thanks to the number of production sites, we can offer to our customers a wide range of forms. For feed, we produce powder, mash, fiber mix, microbeads, crumbled pellets and pellets. Pellets are granulated by hot or cold process, extruded or aggregated (fiber mix feed). In the case of complementary feed, we produce powder, liquid, gel, crunch or effervescent tabs.

Thanks to the specialization, all production sites are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and have skilled teams to operate them.

Our factories

  • Lamballe

    Feed for layers, broilers and pigs.

  • Saint-Aaron 1

    Extruded feed for poultry and fishes

  • Saint-Aaron 2

    Piglet feed (pellets, liquid feed, mash feed) and minerals

  • Montauban-de-Bretagne

    Feed for ruminants, swine, layers and horses

  • Goven

    Minerals and nutraceuticals for ruminants

  • Noyal-sur-Vilaine

    Organic feed and minerals for swine, cattle and poultry

  • Saint-Armel

    Veal calves feed (fibre mix feed)

  • Saint-Gérand

    Feed for swine and cattle

  • Saint-André-de-la-Marche

    Nutraceuticals for livestock and companion animals

Social and environmental accountability

Safety is our major concern. All sites are under EHS department supervision.

We pay attention to the quality of our finished products as well as safety and security of women and men that are working to produce them.

All sites that are producing medicated feed are under the supervision of a vet.

Our plants are complying with European and French regulation and certified by GMP+ or Oqalim to ensure only the highest standards in feed manufacturing.

Our quality commitments

Our products

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