Nutraceuticals and functional feeds for swine

Pig production has vastly improved in order to produce better and cheaper.It has also become concerned about animal welfare and improving antibiotic use. Genetic progress linked to improvements in nutrition, health management and buildings have led to increased productivity. Sows produce more piglets and pigs grow faster. Reaching these high levels of performance requires specific skills. This dynamic process also makes animals less hardy.
Raizup Nutrition Care provides easily used products for supporting piglets, pigs, sows and boars during these critical phases.

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Ferti’up Range

The first level of productivity

To produce more piglets born alive per sow and per year is the first key of success to perform.
By targeting key periods, Ferti’Up range contributes to optimizing performances of the reproductive herd.

Start’up Range

To improve suckling piglets survival rate

The first hours of life are generally critical.
For the sow, this transition period from gestating to lactating stage is a physiological disruption, especially if litter is large. The key point is to farrow quickly and to produce colostrum in sufficient quantity and quality for the whole litter.
For the newborn piglets, they need to recover quickly after birth and to go to suckle enough colostrum to fulfill their needs in energy and immune protection for a good start.
Start’Up range provides convenient tools to sow and piglets to overcome these tricky hours.

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