High quality for nutraceuticals and functional feed

Raizup Nutrition Care delivers high quality products, whether they are nutraceuticals or functional feed. Quality and excellence are our key values. Our company works with a network of specialized plants that meet the strictest standards.


Quality is our primary concern.

All factories are complying with European and French regulation (reg CE 183/2005). They are approved by the French government as feed producers.

Our plants are also certified by GMP+ or Oqalim to ensure only the highest standards in feed manufacturing.

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Control plan

A control plan is designed to check the quality of the products, from the raw material to the packaged product. Analyses are partly made in the lab that belongs to the group. Others are sent to external labs to have independent control.


Traceability is applied on all processes, from raw material to finished products.

Raw ingredients are chosen just as carefully. Suppliers agree to follow a strict set of technical specifications and are subject to periodic audits and assessments.

Finished products are submitted to a follow-up. Samples of each batch are kept until the expiration date.

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