Life’up Range

Laying rate and growth performance are improving every year thanks to genetic selection and progress in management. Farmer needs to pay a special attention to the start, as it is the key of a good growth of organs and systems, especially the immune system. Then, he may support the productivity of its birds by providing complementary feed to prevent deficiencies.
LIFE’UP range provides convenient tools to succeed all over the life cycle of the birds, from the hatchery to their last day at the farm.

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Categories :
  • Support of hatchability

Effy B

Effy B is an effervescent tablet for poultry for use in drinking water rich in vitamins B. 

  • Skeleton and shell integrity

Effy Strong

Effy Strong is an effervescent tablet for poultry for use in drinking that helps to strengthen shells and skeletons.

PS_ChickenStartupPlanet MiniPellet
  • Feed for brooding period

Chicken Startup Planet

Chicken Startup Planet is a premium prestarter feed for chicks, from 1 days old up to 7 days old.

Chick'Boost bag and product
  • First Care


Chick’Boost is an energy booster, formulated for DOC, turkey poults and ducklings.
Chick’Boost enables chicks to have early access to water and feed.

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