A personal customer support

Raizup Nutrition Care provides a variety of services to support each of its customers at every stage of their project.

Technical support

Technical information

We provide a technical data sheet and digital technical presentation for each product. We draw up bibliographic review or technical analysis on request.

Technical support in the field

Our team of experts trains the local team on products in order to share technical information and experience. They give lectures in congress or seminars. They can support the local team accompanying them in farms and vet clinics. We also design protocols for local field trials and help our customers to analyze the data.

Formulation for specific needs

Our formulators are able to propose specific formula of feed, minerals, concentrate, premix and complementary feed according to local raw materials and specific needs.

Program development

We help our customers to choose the best solution for their customers. We select products and design the best program to fit better to local needs.

Marketing support

raizup brochures

Providing leaflets and brochures

They are available on request. We can also provide material so our customers design their own leaflet and brochure.

team on exhibition

Sharing our market experience with our products

We support our partners on exhibitions. We conduct competitive analysis according to the local data.

Administrative support

Support for products’ registration

According to the requests of local authorities, we supply all documentation needed for registration. We support customers to answer authorities.

Tailor-made service

We adapt the label to the local constraints (local language, mandatory legal mentions…).

Order tracking

We ensure that orders are quickly processed. We monitor the follow-up until receipt by the customer.

Transport organization

The team suggest the best transport arrangement (airfreight, sea freight and trucks) and offer to arrange it.

Required documentation

We provide all documentation required by the regulation such as packing list, invoice, health certificate or certificate of origin.

Our products

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