Start’up Range for piglets and sows

The first hours of life are generally critical.
For the sow, this transition period from gestating to lactating stage is a physiological disruption, especially if litter is large. The key point is to farrow quickly and to produce colostrum in sufficient quantities for the whole litter.
For the newborn piglets, they need to recover quickly after birth and to go to suckle enough colostrum to fulfill their needs in energy and immune protection for a good start.
Start’Up range provides convenient tools to sow and piglets to overcome these tricky hours.

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ColoBoost Piglet powder box
  • First Care

ColoBoost Piglet

ColoBoost Piglet is a booster for the immune system. It is formulated for newborn piglets that lack colostrum (low amounts or poor quality).

250ml pump of PiggyBoost
  • First Care


PiggyBoost is designed for weak and light newborn piglets. It provides readily available energy, stimulants, a blend of vitamins, and probiotics.

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