Nutraceuticals and functional feeds for poultry

The poultry sector has undergone a massive transition during recent decades. Modern intensive production methods such as genetic improvement, introduction of biosecurity measures, health control and feed management have increased productivity and the sanitary quality of food.

The new challenge is to keep animals healthy in spite of the high stocking densities and increasing animal movements worldwide, whilst maintaining performance despite a market that demands a reduction in drug use and more sustainability.

Raizup Nutrition Care offers three ranges of products to support chicks, broilers, pullets, layers and other poultry during critical phases.

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Life’up Range

Products for birds from hatch to market, to achieve their potential of growth and production .

Laying rate and growth performance are improving every year thanks to genetic selection and progress in management. Farmer needs to pay a special attention to the start, as it is the key of a good growth of organs and systems, especially the immune system. Then, he may support the productivity of its birds by providing complementary feed to prevent deficiencies.
LIFE’UP range provides convenient tools to succeed all over the life cycle of the birds, from the hatchery to their last day at the farm.

Adapt’up Range

Products to support birds that face a stress

Bad events such as infection, overcrowding, heat wave, challenge the bird’s organism. The situation is even more critical in high-performance animals.

The ADAPT’UP range offers convenient tools to reduce the side effects of stress on the bird’s metabolism.

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