Nutraceuticals and functional feeds for poultry

The poultry sector has undergone a massive transition during recent decades. Modern intensive production methods such as genetic improvement, introduction of biosecurity measures, health control and feed management have increased productivity and the sanitary quality of food.

The new challenge is to keep animals healthy in spite of the high stocking densities and increasing animal movements worldwide, whilst maintaining performance despite a market that demands a reduction in drug use and more sustainability.

Raizup Nutrition Care offers three ranges of products to support chicks, broilers, pullets, layers and other poultry during critical phases.

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Perf Range

Products for broilers, pullets, laying hens and turkeys.

  • Skeleton and shell integrity: to keep integrity of skeleton and eggs
  • Digestive disorders prevention: natural prevention, organic certified
  • Immunity and recovery: solutions for prevention and recovery
  • Heat stress: in case of heat stress and hot seasons
  • Liver and kidneys support: to sustain long duration performances

  • Skeleton and shell integrity

Effy Strong

Effy Strong is an effervescent tablet for poultry for use in drinking that helps to strengthen shells and skeletons.
  • Heat Stress

Preva Cool

Preva Cool is a water-soluble powder dedicated to heat stress prevention of poultry.
  • Immunity and recovery

Effy Flam

Effy Flam is an effervescent tablet for poultry for use in drinking that helps to control inflammatory stress.
  • Digestive disorders prevention

Preva Nox

Preva Nox provides botanicals to prevent birds from digestive disorders in liquid form.
  • Heat Stress

Effy Heat

Effy Heat is a vitamin C, polyphenols from grapes and electrolytes concentrate, in the form of an effervescent tablet. It helps birds to face heat stroke.
  • Skeleton and shell integrity

Preva Stim

Preva Stim is a liquid concentrate of highly assimilable trace elements and methionine.
  • Immunity and recovery

Preva AD3E

Preva AD3E is a concentrate of vitamins A, D3 and E. Preva AD3E is highly concentrated in vitamins for short administration.
  • Immunity and recovery

Preva E Sel

Preva E Sel is a liquid concentrate of vitamin E and Selenium.
  • Liver and kidneys support

Preva Detox

Preva Detox is a liquid complementary feed to support organism of highly productive birds.
  • Digestive disorders prevention

Infeed Nox

Infeed Nox is a premix of sensory additives dedicated for prevention of digestive disorders. Can be used alongside coccidiosis vaccination.
  • Immunity and recovery

Preva Ox

Preva Ox is a liquid concentrate of several types of antioxidants (vitamin E, selenium and polyphenols).
  • Liver and kidneys support

Preva Hep

Preva Hep is a liver support supplement in liquid form for highly productive birds.
25kg bag of Raizup feed
  • Liver and kidneys support

Infeed Hep

Infeed Hep is a complementary feed that helps to revive the metabolism of highly productive poultry. It aims to support the liver, a key organ.
  • Immunity and recovery

Preva Vit

Preva Vit is a liquid concentrate of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids for poultry.

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