An R&D department dedicated to our customers

The technical team of Raizup Nutrition Care includes vet and engineers to manage innovation and development.

It relies on the expertise of the group Le Gouessant, building on the skills of 750 people to identify, develop, test and improve new products and programs.

Knowledge of the field needs

The group has an important activity in animal production. Vets, nutritionists, technical people and salesmen have a daily experience in farms. They have the opportunity to identify the new needs of the market and the challenges of the field.

Needs could be tools to maintain the best performances despite adverse conditions at start (light newborns). They are also many requests for saving time (pre-dosed product).

Day-old chicks eating Chick'Boost

Design new solutions

swine feed

Programs development

The technical team designs formula with a team of specialized formulators, vets and chemists. A special attention is paid to include the latest results of the research on ingredients, physiology and farm management. Objective of our products is to improve the technical performance while limiting environmental impact. This could be also to maintain health while reducing the use of antibiotics. Then, products are tested in the field.

Application :  Early feeding such as Chick’Boost or Crousty Creep are dedicated to very young animals. A specific needs for the short period of start is a key factor of success to enhance future performances.

livestock management

Formulation of specific products

Our customers may have special needs because they have access to specific resources (local ingredients) or must fulfill specific request of their market. There is a growing demand for tailor-made formula to take the best profit of local resources (specific skills of farmers, local ingredients, local needs of the consumers).

Application : FertiCrunch has a specific form (crunchable tablet) easy to distribute for both solid and liquid feed.

Team working together

An idea ? A project ?

Raizup Nutrition Care is able to design products that comply with strict specifications to deliver a customized product.

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Field experience

Our solutions are tested in the field. We usually work with the network of 4000 farms that are members of the group Le Gouesssant.

This stage of development is important to test the ease of use, the efficacy and to share the experience of the product with users. It allows us to improve the formula and directions for use.

Once the product is launched on the market, it is still monitoring thanks to customers feedbacks and new field trials.

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