Nutraceuticals for small ruminants

Sheep and goat production has increased in the two last decades. They now face serious environmental challenges (degradation of rangelands, competition for land use, less water availability etc.). In addition, climate change is creating additional difficulties on the small ruminant farming. As a result, the search for sustainability is increasing.

Raizup Nutrition Care provides a range of complementary feeds that help sheep and goats, particularly lambs, kids, ewes, nannies, sheeps and goats during critical phases.

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Ferti’up Range

Products for the breeding stock.

Supporting the reproductive system of ewes and goats, especially during post-parturition period and at rebreeding, is strategic to achieve sustainable milk production performances.
FERTI’UP range offers convenient solutions to improve fertility and limit adverse effects of stressful events.

Lact’up Range

Sustainable levers of performance.

LACT’UP focuses on the lactation, a critical stage in the female’s life.
Our products focus on the dry-off process when udders are subjected to a huge stress.

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