Expert in animal nutrition care

High performance needs a specific follow-up and specific tools to fulfill new requirements.

Raizup Nutrition Care has a high degree of expertise in nutrition care. Prevention and care through nutrition are an effective way to optimize performance and to prevent health problems.

We offer several ranges of nutraceuticals to meet these needs during critical periods of life. Beyond a formula in an appropriate form, Raizup Nutrition Care creates specific programs to enhance the result of the product and have the best benefit from this lever effect.

We are proud to work with people who take care of animals as farmers, vets, nutritionists or owners.

Programs to improve performances in farms

Continuous improvement of genetic and management are the key factors of success to improve technical and economic results in farms.

Raizup Nutrition Care offers several ranges of nutraceuticals and functional feeds to cover the needs.

Thanks to its solutions, Raizup Nutrition Care helps professionals to have a better use of allopathic medication.

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Nutraceuticals for a better welfare of companion animals

A large part of companion animals now benefits from an adequate diet and a vet follow-up. From now on, the objective is to improve the life’s quality and to take the best profit from an extended life expectancy.

Thanks to nutraceuticals, companion animals can face critical stages under better conditions. They can cope more easily with bad events (fatigue, proximity with sick animals …) as they are tougher.

In case of upset, nutraceuticals are convenient tools for vets to complete a medical treatment, limiting the duration and expression of disorders.


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Raizup Nutrition Care relies on 50 years of expertise from the Le Gouessant Cooperative Group. Committed to a pluralist & sustainable agriculture, Le Gouessant supports more than 4,000 members in animal feed, livestock management and crops.


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