Nutraceuticals for camelids

Camels are generally raised for two major purposes: racing and milk. In both cases, the growth of the camel calf is a major concern. The first months of life are essential in order to create a future champion, whether for racing or milk production. In order to express the full genetic potential of a camel, the appropriate expertise, feeding and management are required.

Raizup Nutrition Care provides a range of complementary feeds that are aimed to booster the camel calf  during the critical phases of its first months of life.

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Newborn Range

The first step towards success.

The first stage of life is generally the most critical. The health of the newborn camel calf is mainly dependent on colostrum intake. Early access to colostrum is a key to success.
The development of the digestive system is challenging for the camel calf. Good growth leads to better performance once they become adult.
The Newborn range provides the key elements in order for the camel calf to thrive during this early period of life.

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