Nutraceuticals and functional feeds for cattle

The world has now produced more than twice as much milk and beef meat as 50 years ago. Nowadays, bovine production systems will come under increased pressure from population growth, urbanization, and climate change. The dairy and meat industries will increase production and safety through modernization and specialization. Improvements in genetic selection will lead to cattle lines that are healthier, produce milk/ meat more efficiently, and are more disease and heat resistant. In order to express the genetic potential of cattle, expertise, appropriate feeding and management are required.

Raizup Nutrition Care provides a range of complementary feeds that help calves, cows and steers during critical phases.

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To unlock dairy cow productivity.

Calving management, and the start and end of lactation are strategically important in order to achieve sustainable milk production performance and have successful reproduction in the herd. The Repro range offers a wide range of solutions for the period around calving, it is available in different forms, and with different durations for its administration.


Sustainable performance enhancers.

The Perf range targets key phases. It offers dedicated mineral supplements, to optimize rumen function during feed transition and provide support when feeding energy-rich rations.

It can also help to minimize the effects of heat stress, mycotoxin contamination, whilst ensuring greater comfort.

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