Newborn Range for camel calves

The first stage of life is generally the most critical one. The health of the newborn calf relies mainly on the colostrum intake. A quick access to colostrum is a key to success.
The development of the digestive system is challenging for the calf. A good growth leads to better performance once they become adult.
Newborn range provides convenient tools, such as energy and immune boosters, to succeed in this period of life.

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ColoBoost Camel syringe
  • First Care

ColoBoost Camel

ColoBoost Camel is a booster for the immune system. It is formulated for newborn camel calves that lack colostrum (low amounts or poor quality).

FortiBoost Camel syringe
  • Healthy Growth

FortiBoost Camel

During critical growth phases, FortiBoost Camel supplies chelated trace-elements, vitamins, essential amino acids and energy.

CamelBoost syringe
  • First Care


CamelBoost is designed for weak and light newborn camel calves.It provides readily assimilable energy, stimulants, and a blend of vitamins and probiotics.

SafyGut Camel syringe
  • Digestive disorders prevention

SafyGut Camel

Thanks to its rich content of bentonite (Montmorillonite), charcoal and essential oils, SafyGut Camel soothes the gut lining.

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