A meeting in South Vietnam
28 February 2020

Training program in chick early feeding

A series of meetings has been organized in South Vietnam. The subject was early feeding of chicks. On this...
17 January 2020

FERTI CRUNCH, an easy-to-use tablet for sows

Raizup has developped a palatable tablet for sows: Ferti Crunch. It is designed to facilitate heat detection and ensure...
5 December 2019

Raizup Nutrition Care exhibits at AgriLivestock

The Raizup Nutrition Care team exhibited at the Agrilivestock Myanmar (Yangon) from 5 to 7 December 2019.
2 December 2019

EffyFlam, an effervescent tablet for poultry.

Effy Flam is designed to restore feed intake and prevent egg drop, especially at the first sign of a...
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