Energy booster for newborn piglets

PiggyBoost is designed for weak and light newborn piglets.
PiggyBoost supplies readily available energy, stimulants (caffeine from tea extract), a blend of vitamins and probiotics. PiggyBoost provides nutrients that help the weak piglets start suckling as soon as possible, and therefore get the benefits from increased colostrum intake.

PiggyBoost is an oral paste delivered by pumping the pump action dispenser once. The vacuum system enables the user to use the bottle in every position.


  • Weak / light piglets

  • Litters from gilts or old sows

  • Poor environment (cold, wet area…)

  • Adoption

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PiggyBoost pump of 250 ml
PiggyBoost pump of 100 ml
PiggyBoost pump of 250 ml
PiggyBoost pump of 100 ml



  • 250 ml pump action dispenser (125 doses)
  • 100 ml pump action dispenser (50 doses)


  • 14 ml syringe (7 doses)
  • 24 ml syringe (12 doses)

Shelf life

2 years in original packaging.

Directions for use

Administration mode
Direct oral application

PiggyBoost should be used as soon as possible after birth.

  1. Introduce the nozzle onto the back of the piglet’s tongue.
  2. Pump once (2 ml) and allow the piglet to swallow.
  3. Give another dose 5 hours later if piglet is still weak.
  4. Repeat on the second day of life, if necessary.
PiggyBoost application

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