Crousty Planet

Complete feed for weaning piglets

Crousty Planet is a complete feed for suckling and weaning piglets.

Crousty Planet provides you with a very palatable feed that includes the latest innovations from RAIZUP.

Balanced mix of 4 sugars for ensuring good intake, digestive security and performance: lactose, sucrose, starch and xylo-oligosaccharides. Contains HIZOX, a more efficient form of zinc.

Formulated with a high proportion of biscuits and cooked cereals. GMO free (PCR<0.9%).

Crousty Planet helps to make weaning easier for piglets  and ensures good growth up to 14 kg.


  • From 18 days old up to 14 kg

  • Demedicated feeding programs

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PS_sac Piglet 25kg
PS_Super Crousty Vermicelle
PS_sac Piglet 25kg
PS_Super Crousty Vermicelle


  • Mash, crumble or mini-pellet (vermicelli) presentation
  • Bags of 25 kg

Storage conditions

Keep at room temperature in a cool and dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Directions for use

Administration mode

To be administered ad libitum to piglets from 18 days old up to 45 days old or 14 kg.

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