Reinforces barrier effect in sow gut, making a safer environment for suckling piglets

Safy’Cox is a complementary feed targeting sow gut balance in order to contribute to a better environment of the suckling piglets.

The blend of essential oils was formulated to limit excretion of negative microflora in the farrowing pens.

It offers a solution for farmers looking  for a demedicalized alternative and labor saving practice.

SafyCox is a gel easy to administer.


  • Litters having digestive upsets (yellow and pasty feces)

  • Heterogeneous litters at weaning

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Safy'Cox with its dispenser gun
Cartridge of Safy'Cox
Safy'Cox with its dispenser gun
Cartridge of Safy'Cox


  • Cartridge of 285 ml (19 doses)

Shelf life

2 years in original packaging.

Directions for use

Administration mode
To add on the top of the feed

Safy’Cox has to be administered directly in the feeders on top of their first meal at 15 ml/sow at entrance in the farrowing pens.

  • Sows: only one administration
  • Gestating gilts: repeat application 2 days later.

Field experience

Looking for an alternative to toltrazuril and labor saving solutions

I was looking for convenient and labor-saving solutions. I used injection Forceris and other natural solutions sometimes. I’ve been challenging Safy’Cox against Toltrazuil for 8 months, even in first parity sows. The results are very consistent and best digestive comfort is for the Safy’Cox treated group. I now protect all my herds, gilts and sows, with Safy’Cox. It’s a very friendly user product and palatability of the product is good.

Pierre A. A french pig breeder (350 sows)

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