Viva Drench

Quick recovery at calving

Viva Drench is a water-soluble nutritional complement to ease postpartum recovery and to boost the start of lactation. Provides electrolytes, energy, vitamins and trace elements.

Viva Drench liquid solution is highly palatable and easy to prepare. Viva Drench helps to control metabolic disorders (ketosis, milk fever, retained placenta). Viva Drench supports feed intake after calving.


  • After long calving
  • Prevention of milk fever, displaced abomasum and retained placenta
  • Lack of feed intake after calving
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Can of 20L

Shelf life

2 years in original packaging.

Directions for use

Administration mode
To add in water

  1. Dilute 1 kg of Viva Drench in 20L of lukewarm water. Mix well using a whisk.
  2. Give 20 to 30 liters of this solution just after calving.

Cows will drink the Viva Drench solution willingly. No forced drenching is necessary.

Field experience

I also recommend Viva Drench for difficult calving

I notice a very good consumption of Viva Drench if it is administered within 15 min following the calving, and 3 hours after the drunk the cow expels its placenta normally. I also recommend it for difficult calving. Before, I observed a drop of appetite soon after calving. Since I use Viva Drench, I no longer have this problem. My cows have fewer metabolic issues. So I reduced my costs of veterinary products and interventions.

Yves French farmer

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