Repro Range for sows

The genetic potential of sows is not fully achieved in the field: delayed estrus, hot season issues, heterogeneous litter and early mortality. By targeting key periods, Repro range contributes to enhance reproduction performance. Only small quantities are required to achieve visible results, with high Return On Investment.

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25kg bag of Raizup feed
  • Heat, gestation and reproduction

Infeed Sow Cute

Infeed Sow Cute encourages optimal placentation in hyper prolific sows. It is formulated to ensure optimal embryo and fetal growth.

  • Lactation

Stop Lactin

Stop Lactin supports sows at weaning. It is formulated to stop milk production, to prevent udder and teat inflammation, and to trigger heats.

  • Heat, gestation and reproduction

Sow Prolific

Sow Prolific is a palatable powder for sows. It enhances sows’ heat detection, stimulates ovulation and ensures good eggs implantation.

  • Lactation

Sow Milky

Sow Milky boosts sows at the start of lactation. It is formulated to increase feed intake and digestibility. Sow Milky supports gilts during their first lactation.

25kg bag of Raizup feed
  • Boar


Vigor enhances sperm production and libido. It is formulated to improve semen quality and quantity. It enables boars to have a first-class ration.

  • Farrowing

Sow Easy

Sow Cool support sows and piglets at farrowing. It is formulated to decrease farrowing duration and to strengthen piglets at birth.

FertiCrunch presentation
  • Heat, gestation and reproduction

Ferti Crunch

Ferti Crunch enhances heat detection in sows, stimulates ovulation and ensures suitable eggs implantation.

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