Nutraceuticals and functional feeds for livestock and companion animals

A wide effect on performances and wellness

Raizup offers a wide range of nutraceuticals and functional feeds for livestock and companion animals.
Formulated as catalysts, Raizup solutions are used during a short period in order to a wide effect on performance. Farmers and owners have the opportunity to support their animals during critical phases and control the use of pharmaceutical products.
Raizup belongs to the Le Gouessant group, a major agricultural cooperative specialized in feeds.

All products are manufactured in France under highest quality standards.

Nutraceuticals for companion animals

Team working together

Working together to build your solutions

Our team analyses your needs and supports you to develop the solutions that best suit your requirements.

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Our commitments

A group committed to sustainable development

We are committed to pluralist and sustainable agriculture that meets each and every one of our nutritional needs, ensures the long-lasting enrolment of our members and our
customers’ satisfaction.

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A meeting in South Vietnam
28 February 2020

Training program in chick early feeding

A series of meetings has been organized in South Vietnam. The subject was early feeding of chicks. On this…
17 January 2020

FERTI CRUNCH, an easy-to-use tablet for sows

Raizup has developped a palatable tablet for sows: Ferti Crunch. It is designed to facilitate heat detection and ensure…
5 December 2019

Raizup Nutrition Care exhibits at AgriLivestock

The Raizup Nutrition Care team exhibited at the Agrilivestock Myanmar (Yangon) from 5 to 7 December 2019.
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EuroTier 2021
Hanover, Germany

RAIZUP Nutrition Care will exhibit at Hanover from February, 9 to 12th 2021 in Hanover (Germany).

VIV Asia
Bangkok, Thailand

RAIZUP Nutrition Care will exhibit at VIV Asia from March,10 to 12th 2021, in Bangkok (Thailand).


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