Perf Range for cattle

Perf range focuses on critical stages. It offers dedicated mineral supplements, to optimize rumen function during feed transition and alongside energy-rich rations.
It can also help to minimize heat stress effects, mycotoxins contamination and ensuring better comfort.

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25kg bag of Raizup feed
  • Ration Booster


Preva Cool is a water-soluble powder dedicated to heat stress prevention of poultry.

Bag of litter dryer
  • Hygiene and Health


Litosec is a litter dryer in powder. It provides floor drying and environment sanitizing for livestock.

25kg bag of Raizup feed
  • Hygiene and Health


Fixomax is a mycotoxins binder, it optimizes rations for livestock (ruminants and monogastrics). Fixomax is formulated to adsorb and excrete toxins.

25kg bag of Raizup feed
  • Acidosis and Subacidosis

Opti PH

Opti PH is a dietetic supplement that helps to decrease risk of acidosis. It provides balanced minerals and plant extracts.

25kg bag of Raizup feed
  • Heat Stress

Rumi Cool

Rumi Cool is a dietetic supplement in pellet form for all kind of ruminants that helps to keep performances in case of heat stress.

25kg bag of Raizup feed
  • Acidosis and Subacidosis

Rumi Fast

Rumi Fast is a dietetic mineral in pellet form that helps to optimize highly concentrated and acidogenic rations.

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