Stop Lactin

Support of cows at dry-off

Stop Lactin is a complementary feed designed to stop milk production. It contains a blend of plant extracts that support cows at dry-off such as Echinacea to prevent udder inflammation, sage and parsley to accelerate the end of lactation. Stop Lactin prevents mammary congestion and optimizes the start of the next reproduction cycle. 


  • End of lactation
  • Highly productive cows
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Can of 2L

Shelf life

2 years in original packaging.

Directions for use

Administration mode
To add on the top of the feed

Stop Lactin has to be administered directly in the feeders on top of the feed or orally by using a drenching gun in one single dose:

  • Dairy cows: 300 ml.
  • Goats: 40 ml.
  • Ewes: 60 ml.

Field experience

Use of Stop Lactin in the field

I dispense 300 ml of Stop Lactin (or 350 ml for very high productive cows) with a drenching gun the day of the dry-off. Since then, I observe a better resorption of the udder and I have less mastitis issues.

Thomas French dairy farmer

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