Sow Prolific

Fertility and prolificacy stimulator for sows

Sow Prolific is a complementary feed designed to improve fertility and prolificacy of sows.

Sow Prolific provides plant extracts to boost sexual behavior, a blend of vitamins and antioxidants to stimulate ovulation, to enhance egg implantation and to improve early embryo development. It helps sows and gilts to express the heats leading to  easier detection by the farmer. Ferti Crunch helps to prevent hot season infertility.  

Sow prolific is a complementary feed for sows to be administered to the top of their feed.


  • Gilts and primiparous
  • Sows with hidden heats
  • Hot seasons
  • Poor conception rates
  • Poor farrowing rates
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Bucket of 10 kg.

Shelf life

2 years in original packaging.

Directions for use

Administration mode
To add on the top of the feed

Sow Prolific has to be administered directly in the feeders at 25g/sow/d.

  • Gilts: 2 periods of 5 days 3 weeks apart before targeted fertilization date.
  • Sows heat stimulation: for 5 days before weaning.
  • Sows eggs implantation: for 5 days during the week after AI.

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