Perf Range for pigs and sows

Perf range focuses on critical stages. It is designed for quick efficiency. It offers dedicated nutritional products to help piglets around weaning, to support pigs during heat stroke and to revive sows’ organisms.
The range contributes to decreasing use of medicines in addition of good practices in swine husbandry. It helps to maintain high levels of performances over time.

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Categories :
  • Heat Stress

Sow Cool

Sow Cool supports pigs in the event of heat stress. It is formulated to increase wellfare and feed intake during hot spells.

25kg bag of piglet feed
  • Gut safety and feed efficiency

Crousty Preva EC

Crousty Preva EC is a prestarter functional feed for challenged piglets, from 21 days old up to 14 kg.

Boosty'Wean can of 5L
  • Weaning


Boosty’Wean boosts pigs in stressful situations and periods of adaptation.

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