EffyFlam, an effervescent tablet for poultry.

How to control the inflammatory stress

RAIZUP NUTRITION CARE has developed a new product for laying hens.

It is designed to restore feed intake and prevent egg drop, especially at the first sign of a viral outbreak. It also helps limit any adverse effects of vaccination.

Effy Flam provides natural modulators of inflammation coming from botanicals associated with antioxidants.

Thanks to its tablet form, dosage is very simple with a dose rate of 1 tablet of 100 grams per 1000 liters of drinking water for 3 days.

Effy Flam has been tested for 1 year in commercial farms and is now available for tpurchase. On-farm experience shows that Effy Flam helps to reduce the use of medical treatments during viral outbreaks. Effy Flam is certified as an organic complementary feed in Europe.

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