FERTI CRUNCH, an easy-to-use tablet for sows

To stimulate heats, fertility and prolificacy with a chewable tablet

RAIZUP NUTRITION CARE has developed a new product for sows.

Ferti Crunch is a stimulant in a form of a palatable tablet.

It is designed to:

  • Enhance heat behavior
  • Facilitate heat detection
  • Ensure implantation of fertilized ovum

It contains a blend of vitamins, trace elements and plant extracts that support the sows during critical phases of the reproductive cycle that as heats and egg implantation.

The tablet form of Ferti Crunch enables it to be used simply and precisely. The product is ready to use unlike powder and liquid forms that require dosages and a preparation time.

Ferti Crunch can be given for one or two periods. Dosage is 1 tab per sow per day

  • To enhance heat expression and fertility: 5 days before weaning.
  • To improve uterine egg implantation: 5 days following insemination.

Administer Ferti Crunch directly on top of the feed in the feeder.

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