Perf Range for poultry

Providing nutritional complements are a convenient tool to optimize performances of the poultry flocks. Perf range targets the most critical stage of poultry production with a wide range of solutions: liquid, effervescent tablet, soluble powder, premix blend.

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Categories :
  • Heat Stress

Preva Cool

Preva Cool is a water-soluble powder dedicated to heat stress prevention of poultry.

  • Immunity and recovery

Preva Vit

Preva Vit is a liquid concentrate of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids for poultry.

  • Skeleton and shell integrity

Preva Stim

Preva Stim is a liquid concentrate of highly assimilable trace elements and methionine.

  • Immunity and recovery

Preva Ox

Preva Ox is a liquid concentrate of several types of antioxidants (vitamin E, selenium and polyphenols).

  • Digestive disorders prevention

Preva Nox

Preva Nox provides botanicals to prevent birds from digestive disorders in liquid form.

  • Liver and kidneys support

Preva Hep

Preva Hep is a liver support supplement in liquid form for highly productive birds.

  • Immunity and recovery

Preva E Sel

Preva E Sel is a liquid concentrate of vitamin E and Selenium.

  • Liver and kidneys support

Preva Detox

Preva Detox is a liquid complementary feed to support organism of highly productive birds.

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