HydraBoost Pet

Electrolytes and sugar for dehydrated pets.

HydraBoost Pet brings electrolytes, osmolytes and sugar to the pet. It stabilizes the balance of electrolytes and water.

HydraBoost Pet is a solution easy to mix with drinking water.

HydraBoost  Pet palatability is good thanks to its liver aroma.


  • ­Dehydration (digestive upsets, heat stroke, sport…)
  • ­Prevention from dehydration (long duration transport, extended effort…)
  • ­After  fasting
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125 ml vial of HydraBoost Pet
125 ml vial of HydraBoost Pet



Mini plastic can of 125ml.

Shelf life

2 years in original packaging.

Directions for use

Administration mode
Direct oral application

­Prepare rehydrating solution by diluting 2 caps (8ml) of HydraBoost Pet in 250 ml of fresh and clean water.

 Preparation should be renewed everyday.


  • ­250 ml of rehydrating solution per 5kg of body weight per day

­Administer rehydrating solution with an oral syringe or give free access to it.

Dog and cat

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