Energy booster for newborn puppies and kittens

PuppyBoost is an energy booster,  formulated for weak newborn puppies and kittens.

It stimulates puppy’s activity and suckle reflex thanks to its formula rich in energy and caffeine. Siberian ginseng (E. senticoccus) helps the puppy to adapt to its new environment.


  • ­Weak puppies and kittens, large litter
  • ­Long duration whelping
  • ­Poor maternal instinct
  • ­For adults, light hypoglycemia (stress …)
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PuppyBoost Pet syringe with its box
PuppyBoost Pet syringe with its box



  • 10 ml syringe in carton box of 35.
  • 15 ml syringe individually packed in box of 12.

Shelf life

2 years in original packaging.

Directions for use

Administration mode
Direct oral application

Introduce the nozzle toward the back of the puppy’s tongue and administer the dose.


­Puppy/ kitten:

  • ­1 ml as soon after birth.
  • ­1 ml 5 hours after
  • ­1 ml the day after birth if necessary


  • ­Toys and mini (weight <10 kg) : 2ml
  • ­Medium (11< weight <25kg)    : 5ml
  • ­Tall (26< weight <44 kg)          : 8 ml
  • ­Giant (weight >45 kg)              : 12 ml
Kitten receiving PuppyBoost

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