ColoBoost Foal

Booster for the immune system of newborn foals

ColoBoost Foal is a booster for the immune system.

It is formulated for newborn foals that lack colostrum (low amounts or poor quality).

Made up of concentrated and standardized bovine colostrum, the formula is designed to enhance the foal’s immunity. Energy, prebiotics, probiotics, vitamin E and selenium contribute to the foal getting a good start.



  • Low amounts of colostrum

  • Poor colostrum quality

  • Low colostrum intake

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60ml syringe of ColoBoost Foal
60ml syringe of ColoBoost Foal


60 ml syringes

Shelf life

2 years in original packing.

Directions for use

Administration mode
Direct oral application

Empty a 60ml syringe toward the back of the foal’s mouth, as soon as possible. Give another syringe 6 hours later if necessary.

Foal with its mare

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