Energy booster for newborn foals

HorsyBoost is an energy booster,  formulated for weak newborn foals .

It stimulates foal activity and suckle reflex thanks to its formula rich in energy and containing stimulant plants. Siberian ginseng (E. senticoccus) helps the foal to adapt to it’s new environment.


  • Weak foals, twins
  • Long duration foaling
  • Late foaling season
  • Poor maternal instinct
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20 ml syringe of HorsyBoost
20 ml syringe of HorsyBoost



  • 20 ml syringe in box of 25

Shelf life

2 years in original packaging.

Direction for use

Administration mode
Direct oral application

  1. Empty a 20ml dose toward the back of the foal’s mouth, as soon as possible.
  2. Give another syringe 5 hours after and the day after if necessary.
Running foal

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